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The Getek ProSport Difference


The Getek Prosport Lifejacket range was designed & developed with the assistance of the ARA (now British Rowing) through a period of consultation in 2004.

In 2014, the Getek ProSport Lifejacket range was upgraded to introduce the latest technologies available. The Lifejackets are now manufactured using the UML Pro Sensor inflation system with ‘point of statues indication’ technology which clearly shows the user if the lifejacket is charged or in need of charging.

The Getek ProSport Lifejackets are fully approved to ISO 12402-3. It is recommended that a lifejacket is worn by all beginners to the sport & by those who have not met the minimum swimming competency standard. Within Rowing, all coxswains must wear an approved lifejacket or buoyancy aid on top of all other garments when in a boat. In ‘front-loader’ boats, only a manually operated lifejacket can be worn to allow easy and unrestricted escape from the boat. Where, because of a medical problem, there is a risk to a participant of becoming unconscious or immobile, an automatic lifejacket must be worn.


The Getek ProSport range of lifejackets are built around 3 key areas:




The number one priority of any lifejacket is to save your life; all GeTeK lifejackets are fully approved to international PFD standard ISO 12402-3.


The ProSport range of lifejackets are designed with comfort & ergonomics in mind. Designed by Rowers for Rowers, the ProSport range ensure comfort and allow for size adjustment to ensure the PFD does not move away from the body.


Manufactured to be lightweight & compact, the ProSport range of lifejackets have been tested to ensure the PFD is close to the body and non-restrictive on the sides (which helps prevent chafing during the rowing stroke).


Approved For Rowing

The British Rowing ‘RowSafe’ guide, which is endorsed by Sir Steve Redgrave CBE, outlines the roles, responsibilities and minimum standards of safe practice for all those involved in the sport. Section 2.1 (as per the link below) relates to Safety Aids within Rowing & the minimum standards that should be adopted; the Getek ProSport Lifejackets are highlighted in this report which recommends the use of the Lifejackets according to the ‘Minimum Standards to be Adopted’ section (see sections 2.1, page 1).

“The ARA, in conjunction with GeTeK Ltd., have produced a 150 Newton lifejacket manufactured to EN396, suitable for rowers 32kg and over and designed specifically to minimise interference with the normal rowing action and overheating during strenuous activity. It is available as a manual gas or automatic gas inflation.”



The Getek ProSport range of lifejackets has been designed with Sport, and more specifically Rowing in mind.


Designed for Rowing

Designed for Rowers, by Rowers, the ProSport lifejackets respect every part of the rowing stroke and movement to ensure minimum interference.

A lifejackets primary function is to save lives, and the Getek ProSport range are fully approved to the international safety standard ISO 12402. However the ProSport the design of the ProSport range has aimed at functionality as well as safety. Standard Marine lifejackets come with unwanted clips and harnesses which can catch an oar; these possible interferences have been removed from the ProSport lifejackets.

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Made with Riverseal®

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The Getek ProSport lifejackets are manufactured using Riverseal® inflation materials which offer superior strength & CO₂ holding properties.

To find out more about the Riverseal® range of materials please visit www.riverseal.co.uk.

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